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Room aroma diffusers with unique fragrances
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Les Épiciers Shop Online

A fragrance house established in Turin in 2008, LES EPICIERS creates and produces home fragrances products.

The LES EPICIERS team made up of 2 essence experts, the marketing & evaluation department, and the wax , design, and QC laboratories. Almost 1,000 m2 perfectly laid out and equipped, and a very skill production team, help to ensure short and flexible delivery times.

Our products are selling in more than 15 countries worlwide.

Come in and visit our ONLINE STORE of AROMA DIFFUSERS: Scented Candles, Scented Wax Cards, Oil and Scented Wax Burners, Scented Wax Pieces to Melt, Special Wedding, Baptism, Communion and Graduation Flavors