Spaces are much more than what you touch and see: they are also what you smell. In this 2022, it is a trend to deal with this ‘invisible’ but fundamental aspect for our well-being: olfactory comfort.

Olfactory well-being, i.e. feeling comfortable with the scents of the spaces where you are, is a trend in 2022.

After two years of being at home more than ever, it seems that we have realized that the interiors and even the exteriors are more enjoyable if we pay attention to the five senses.

Orange blossom, cocoa, vanilla, rosemary, lavender … there is nothing as personal as perfume. The fragrances are as important as the decoration we have chosen to shape the spaces. They have the task of giving warmth and personality to every corner, also becoming the undisputed protagonists of our best memories.

Why is it really so important that spaces have scents that recreate refined atmospheres? You surely didn’t realize some of the following reasons:

– The inhalation of pleasant aromas has therapeutic effects. They cause our body to be stimulated in a positive or negative way, taking different aspects such as the situation or the space. In fact, there are many people who use fragrances as a remedy for physical ailments.

– The nose and its olfactory abilities are the part of our body that allows the nervous system to communicate with the world around us.

– When we smell something we not only get a mental response, but above all a sentimental one. For this reason the fragrances collaborate in the relaxing functions of the body and spirit.

– Smells have the property of evoking past memories, pleasant and unpleasant, thanks to the union that exists between the limbic system and this, at the same time, with the most emotional area of ​​our brain.

Do all the spaces in the location have to smell the same?

Despite what many may believe on the necessary homogenization of the different spaces in order not to overload the sense of smell, the answer is exactly the opposite. So, it is not only good that every space has its own smell, but it is something absolutely necessary.

The cause? Each space has its own activity which must be identified with a specific fragrance. What perfume should the dining room have? And the space dedicated to children?

Furthermore, the different fragrances must harmonize with the food and with the flowers that will be present everywhere in the location.