The way to build a fragrance  depends on the perfumer. Some are based first on the base notes, then on the heart notes and then on the top notes; other experts choose to do the opposite, finally they are styles and techniques that everyone has.

We like to talk to customers to identify what kind of fragrance they want, there are some people that have sent us a playlist, even the color palette of the wedding to draw inspiration from.

From our part, we have created a questionnaire with 60 questions to best identify the perfumes to use or create.

All this wonderful olfactory work, shaped in the path of marriage, must be relived during the olfactory event that can be held at any time of the party.

The scent-maker, equipped with olfactory bells, absorbent paper mouillettes, sprays with mechanical pumps and other things as natural ingredients of the top, heart and base notes of the main fragrance, will “taste” all the aromas perceived during the olfactory journey.

At the end of the tasting,  will have a personal gift for each guest:  a small olfactory cadeau sprinkled with a fragrance of his choice.