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A fragrance house established in Turin in 2008, LES EPICIERS  creates and produces home fragrances products. The LES EPICIERS team made up of 2 essence experts, the marketing & evaluation department, and the wax , design, and QC laboratories. Almost 1,000 m2 perfectly laid out and equipped, and a very skill production team, help to ensure short and flexible delivery times.

production Aroma Diffusers for homeOur products are selling in more than 15 countries worlwide.

One of the main characteristics of our fragrances  is the highest concentration of essence ranging from 15 to 20%. One of the highest on the home fragrances worlwide market. How to understandabout this concentration? Just wait, time will tell you: when your diffuser  evaporated the alcohol component, will remain a substantial bottom of scented oil that can be used for burners.

We invite you to track the diffusers  of other brands, we can assure you  that the same thing will not happen. Beyond the high quality of scents and the wonderful notes that immediately affect the emotional sphere, our products have a  very pleasing look, they are beautiful decor touch to decorate the air. We were the first in Italy to introduce curly rattan, which spread perfume in perfect way but has a harmonious shape.

italian company production of Oil and Scented Wax BurnersOf course our packaging is very attractive but the heart of our items is the fragrance. Our candles are strictly handmade  and have a high percentage of perfume. Our fragrances always have olfactory notes that belong to food, this give us a reassuring feeling. Only the scents of nature have such a suggestive power. These have had millennia to fit into the depths of our psyche. Our perfumes are true archetypes of an olfactory language and speak to our unconscious in a much more eloquent and convincing way than a discourse.