Mini scented candle

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Mini scented candle



Mini scented candle in squared frosted container. Can be customized with a sticker label. Available in 14 fragrances

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Weight 175.00 g
Dimensions 4.50 x 4.50 x 5.00 cm

9 Lune 1: milk , honey and bergamot, 9 Lune 2: milk, honey and white tea, Acqua Dolce 1 – frangipani and pink grapefruit, Acqua Dolce 2 – anise and cardamom, Acqua Forte 1: posidonia, cardamom and sage, Acqua Forte 2 – eucalipto and rosmary, Apricot tree, Orange and chili, ATLANTICO 1: Mixture of sea salts. Perfume inspired by Punta del Este (Uruguay), ATLANTICO 2: Maracuja and orange. Aroma with sweetish touches reminiscent of Buzios (Brazil), ATLANTICO 3: Oceanic notes inspired by Maceio (Brazil), ATLANTICO 4: Mixture to aquatic woods (powerful reminder of the Virgin Islands), ATLANTICO 5: Coconut and lime that together recall Saint Barth, ATLANTICO 6: Marine scents, musk, cedar that refer to the Gulf Island (Canadà), ATLANTICO 7: Vanilla and verbena, perfume inspired by Tulum (Mexico), ATLANTICO 8: Papaya and green mandarin (European and tropical touch: El Medano-Canary Islands), ATLANTICO 9: Marine scents, algae (Nordic and minimal perfume that recalls Rhode Island), Avocado, cedar and coriander, Baby Vintage: milk and old lavender, Banana, Basil and honeysuckle, Red basil, Beige and cream, Cookie, Burlesque: Black Orchid, Coffee, Lavender Fields, Hemp and jazmin, Peppery myrtle-leaved orange, Cherry, Sweet chocolate, Cypress and laurel, Cirmolo tree, Coconut and lime, Cotton and lavender, Cotton and roses, Cottage: orange and dried fruits, Hazelnut’ cream, Vanilla cream, Leather and vetiver, ESSENTIA I: Marjoram and myrrh, ESSENTIA II: Oil extracted from the flowers of the Cypriot henna, ESSENTIA III: Calamus, myrrh, rose wood, ESSENTIA IV: Terebinthus resin and laudanum, ESSENTIA V: Wild fig and olive wood, Fig and cloves, Alpine hay, Small strawberry, Blueberry, Geranium and virginia cedar, Kiwi and mint, My Sicily: orange, pistachio and almonds, Milk and white roses, Le Jardin: cotton candy, Lime and basil, Amalfi’ lemon, Lullaby 1:chamomile, Lullaby 2: milk, honey and white roses, Almonds, Maracuja and orange, MEDITERRANEAN I: Figs, mint and cinnamon, MEDITERRANEAN II: Eucalyptus, medlar, turmeric and rosemary, MEDITERRANEAN III: Honey, grape fruit, eucalyptus and myrtle, MEDITERRANEAN IV: Lemons, red oranges, almonds, juniper, MEDITERRANEAN IX: Cumin, almonds, raisins and tomato leaves, MEDITERRANEAN V: Myrtle, apricot and chili, MEDITERRANEAN VI: Broom and mandarin, MEDITERRANEAN VII: Lemons and orange blossom, MEDITERRANEAN VIII: Rosemary, honey, lavender, black plums, pepper and almonds, Melon and paprika, Pancalieri’s peppermint, Model 1, Model 2, Model 3, Model 4, Model 5, Model 6, Black and cream, Medlar and ginger, Hazelnut, Montain pine, Tuscan Scents: sage, juniper and cedar, Costiera Scent: Amalfi lemon peel, Perfume of Wine: Mounts of Lambrusco, Perfume of Wine: Hills of Chianti, Perfume of Wine: The paths of Moscato, Perfume of Wine: Smells of Brunello, Rosemary, Sea salt, Sardegna Vert et Blue: myrtle, eucalipto and rosmary, Softly: milk and talc, T-Fragrance: asiatic tea, Tea at Five: english tea, That's Amore: cedar, orange, dried fruits anda gardenia, Nougat, Tuberouse, Olive tree, Verbena and vanilla, Lemon blossom and lemon leaf


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