Scented wax sand

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Scented wax sand

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Scented wax sand in glass jar with cork stopper. Available in 9 fragrances.

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Weight 78.00 g
Dimensions 4.00 x 6.00 cm

MEDITERRANEAN I: Figs, mint and cinnamon, MEDITERRANEAN II: Eucalyptus, medlar, turmeric and rosemary, MEDITERRANEAN III: Honey, grape fruit, eucalyptus and myrtle, MEDITERRANEAN IV: Lemons, red oranges, almonds, juniper, MEDITERRANEAN IX: Cumin, almonds, raisins and tomato leaves, MEDITERRANEAN V: Myrtle, apricot and chili, MEDITERRANEAN VI: Broom and mandarin, MEDITERRANEAN VII: Lemons and orange blossom, MEDITERRANEAN VIII: Rosemary, honey, lavender, black plums, pepper and almonds


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