Scented wax seeds

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Scented wax seeds in glass jar



Scented wax seeds in glass jar with round or squared shape. Customized paper tag with cotton cord. Available in 14 fragrances

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Weight 85.00 g
Dimensions 4.50 x 6.00 cm

Acqua Dolce 1 – frangipani and pink grapefruit, Acqua Forte 2 – eucalipto and rosmary, Orange and chili, Lavender Fields, Cirmolo tree, Fig and cloves, Kiwi and mint, Lullaby 2: milk, honey and white roses, Medlar and ginger, Sea salt, Softly: milk and talc, T-Fragrance: asiatic tea, That's Amore: cedar, orange, dried fruits anda gardenia, Lemon blossom and lemon leaf


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